Mudfest 2019


Presented every two years by the UMSU Creative Arts Department, Mudfest is the largest student run festival in the southern hemisphere. Mudfest has become a significant driving-force of creative power and since its inception in 1990 has established itself as a cultural icon on the emerging arts scene in Melbourne.

Mudfest has grown to encompass all forms of artistic expression including visual art, performing arts, film, music and interdisciplinary artforms. Mudfest nurtures, encourages and supports new and innovative arts practice amongst students, while also providing them with professional and creative development opportunities.

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Regeneration stems from the dire need for fundamental change within the frightening reality of our world. The challenges we currently face as a global society provide the impetus for change and regeneration, for we must grow and evolve to ultimately thrive. Mudfest 2019 will provide the fertile soils to allow artists to rediscover and push boundaries, supporting emerging student artists to develop in their practice, producing new original work in response to their reality.