Mudfest 2019




By Anastasija Svarevska

‘OVERRIPE’, a show staged by an artist Alice Wheaton and performed by a group of her friends, is a collective creation that kept me highly entertained yet also deeply touched for a whole hour. As the artist herself admits, she doesn’t know what the show is about. Several short performances within the performance, written separately by each actor/artist in the group and then put together, it doesn’t really touch upon one specific idea: a mixture of poetry, dance, and music, a beautiful combination of movement of a human body and sound of a human voice, engaging, alive, funny, brave, real, it is indeed based on moving home, a topic so relatable to most of us. Having lived in four different countries myself, I was particularly affected by the following verse: “I worry who I am without people who love me—if I must exist I must move”. I could never describe that feeling that I can easily identify with better—people you care about being spread all over the world, and the world itself being like a game of twister. However, it is not only that. It is also all things that matter whenever and wherever we move: equality, relationships, body image, human rights, environment, self-love. Things that we think about, things that we talk about, things that make us human. And that is, I would say, what the show does. It makes you feel human, it reminds you of what you are, and it leaves you pondering life and smiling at the same time.

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PoC Guide to mudfest

Mudfest in 2019 is celebrating art by People of Colour and about PoC identities and experiences. The PoC Guide to Mudfest is a showcase of these works, ranging from the story of a Chinese woman’s life during wartime (Anonymous) to a love letter to black women (In the Beginning, Film Night).


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Queer Guide to mudfest

From theatre of the queer female experience (Coming Out) to a participatory drag king dance party (Magic Dykes XXL), Mudfest in 2019 is all about exploring the multitudes of queer identities and experiences. For an impressive line up of works about queerness, check out our Queer Guide to Mudfest.


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Disability Guide To Mudfest

The Disability Guide to Mudfest is a collation of the Mudfest works which explore themes of disability. To view works employing specific access measures, you can head to our main program and filter the program by AUSLAN, audio described, captioned, relaxed performance and tactile tour.


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